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6:14pm 02-14-2017
Dear Ann, such a lovely and loving Valentine's page for your beautiful Laura.
Hope your day has been a gentle one. Thinking of you and your Laura--and all of our angel moms today. God bless you.
Love and Hugs,
Mom to Ken
8:48pm 10-20-2016
Ann, the sweetest lady I know for being there for us and keeping us on tract with your kindness.. Remembering your beautiful Laura Ann, your Lily and Jesus sees your pain and holds your tears dear to His heart of love for you.. this tribute is so beautiful and Laura is so proud of her mom.. You are loved and prayed for today.. Love forever Friend.. <3
11:15am 10-19-2016
Dear Ann - You are ever so much in my thoughts and prayers as you remember your precious daughter Laura for her special day.
love and hugs,
Christopher's mommy forever
9:58am 10-19-2016
Dear Ann---Thinking of you and your beautiful Laura today. I have a candle lit in loving memory of your dear girl. My thoughts and prayers are with you on this very sad and lonely day. Wishing you peace and comfort.
Love and Hugs,
Mom to Ken
5:56am 02-11-2016
Dearest Ann, Thinking about you and your beautiful Angel Laura this upcoming Valentine's day. Laura looks so much like you, so very lovely. I hope she sends you a sign, and that you feel her love. Laura's webpage is gorgeous!
Kathy - Kate's Mom
8:45am 02-12-2015
Dear Ann - Thinking of you and your Angel Laura, so I just stopped by her web pages for a visit. My prayers are with you always.
love and hugs,
Christopher's mommy forever
9:37am 10-19-2014
(((Ann))) You are a dear sweet woman. From one bereaved mother to another, my love and prayers are with you on this difficult day. One sweet day you will be reunited with your precious Laura.
Hugs, Kathy
10:10am 07-24-2014
Ann, My heart is with you each new day as you hold Laura and your mom in high esteem. They with your dad are rejoicing in heaven and they pray over you every day that you will keep going until the time you, too will go be with them. No words can truly say what can comfort you, but these losses are our gain with Jesus and them. We wait in tears until then and I pray His peace and comfort will carry you all the days of your life. He will never leave you hopeless and He knows you are upset with all this, but He will provide every thing you need and NEVER let you down even when the feelings are contrary to the Truth. You are loved by so many and we are the ones who KNOW your struggles and stand by you. We so appreciate your love to us and wish we could give you a personal hug. With deep sorrow and yet joy in heaven we send you hugs and kisses. Laura wants you to know that your love gave her life here on earth and you loved well and you will gain all you had to let go of here and more in the near future. Peace, comfort and deep love for you, Norma Jean and Gerald and Eric <3
12:11pm 07-23-2014
Dearest Ann, Laura's web page is so beautiful, just like she is. I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you at this very difficult time. Hope you can feel your Mom around you.
Love, Kathy
Katelyn's Mom
9:30am 07-23-2014
Dear Ann - my heart is with you more than ever today.
love and hugs,
Christopher's mommy forever
7:11am 07-04-2014
Norma Jean
Ann, this web page is so beautiful and the heart felt words of your journey brings so much pain and yet you could pen this is just amazing.. I pray lots more healing to your broken heart.. You deserve so many rewards for your care to Laura. She still knows how deeply you love her and miss her. One day all this will fall away and you can stand in Jesus' presence and He will say well done my good and faithful servant, enter into your rest... I love you and care about how you are doing especially this month. Hugs, comfort and payers to you, my dear dear friend.. <3 Love, Norma Jean
12:13pm 02-12-2014
I dont know what to say Beautiful Beautiful.
Sending my love to Laura and you Ann.
5:46am 02-12-2014
.beautiful beautiful beautiful !
(Tami's mom)
Sandra v
3:41am 02-12-2014
Happy Valentines Day in heaven Laura, you were a beautiful angel here and most certainly one where you are now xx

Ann, love and hugs are sent to you as another special day without your lovely Laura is not easy to get through xxx
2:03am 02-12-2014
Happy Valentines Day Laura - such a beautiful page for such a beautiful Angel.
Ann - sending love and hugs to you my friend xxxx
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